American Fuji

Delightful tale of mystery, romance, comedy and adventure in a cross-culture set of lonely hearts. A bereft father, an unemployed teacher working at a “fantasy funeral” company and the backdrop of Mt. Fuji itself. Great fun. Tell us what you think.

Find this book at T- Bell’s for $9.05.


Family Trust

Family Trust is the hilarious new entry from the author of “Legally Blonde.” Becca Reinhart has no desire to marry, raise a family or anything else than keeping up with her fast track, Wall Street job. Neither does playboy Edward Kirkland. Until Emily. A quirk of fate gives them joint custody of the precocious little girl. Now the two find themselves sharing the trials and tribulations of parenthood, naptime, playdates, preschool and more. Amid all this chaos, the two discover something else. Guess what?