Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn has broken out. Went on sale on August first. This promises to be a great hit.



Books and Reviews. More Narnia Fun

Now that the movie is out it’s time to get back to the book. C. S. Lewis’ “Prince Caspian” from the Chronicles of Narnia is the fourth in the series. When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are on their way home from boarding school they are summoned back to Narnia by none other than Susan’s magic horn. Back in the land where they are kings and queens, the young people find loads of trouble and adventure waiting for them.

This is a fun and very adventure ridden book for young (any age!) people. I was particularly charmed by the Scholastic 1979 edition’s delightful b&w illustrations. All the C.S. Lewis books are really worthy of a good read. I think the movie is great, I enjoyed the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, too. But there is still nothing like a gook book to work the imagination and Lewis does that in the series with an expert hand.

If you have read this book or any of the series, tell us what you think.