How To Buid a Tin Canoe

Robb White knows everything there is to know about getting on the water and staying there as long as you possibly can. While still a young boy, he built his first boat, hewn from the tin roof of an abandoned chicken coop. In How to Build a Tin Canoe, this Southern raconteur and self-taught, expert wooden-boat builder offers a wryly humorous journey through a life lived on the water and the lessons learned along the way. 6 hours (Unabridged) Encoded Windows Media
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Tin Canoe

A New Earth

New Earth

New Earth

Eckhart Tolle takes a look at how we can change and save the planet. Can we make the inner changes required? A New Earth may hold the answers. Humanity now, perhaps more than in any previous time, has an opportunity to create a new, saner, more loving world. This will involve a radical inner leap from the current egoic consciousness to an entirely new one. In very practical terms, Tolle leads readers into this new consciousness to learn to live and breathe freely.

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OPAL is an intriguing look at one of the early twentieth centuries most enigmatic personalities. In 1920, America was captivated by the diary of Opal Whiteley, a young woman from a small logging town in Oregon. The diary chronicled Opal’s adventures at the age of seven. Hailed as a revealing portrait of a child’s relationship to God and nature, it was a huge success.

Then it was dismissed as a hoax. Today, Opal’s diary has been rediscovered and has touched many hearts. But Opal, herself, remains a mystery. Was she a prophet, early environmentalist, mad woman, lost princess – or fraud?

“Opal” sheds new light on one of the most intriguing literary mysteries of the twentieth century.